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Introducing the new collection for Spring / Summer season 2018 – “IN BETWEEN”

Each of us is sometimes led by the mind and sometimes by the heart. On the one hand, the driving force behind our actions are prudence and firmness, on the other hand, the sensitivity and romantic gusts of the heart often give them a tone. Moving between two poles, in a fraction of the time, we are always in between – “IN BETWEEN”.

This complexity of human nature became the inspiration for the creation of the new collection. The collection is also a successful alliance between the functionality of everyday life and the romantic “lightness of being”, and for the brand itself, a combination of continuation with new roads.

In cooperation with graphic designers, who helped us to refine our original prints and the printing house, original fabrics were created for the first time. The theme of warm Summer rain appears on skirts, trousers and oversized sweatshirts. The rabbit – the hallmark of the brand – is present as a print on the fabric and embroidery on dresses and blouses.

We have also not forgotten about the characteristic elements that make the RabbitRabbit brand. Attention to details and respect for handicrafts is expressed in hand-knitted or crocheted finishes and applications. The characteristic girly-romantic style is present in tulle skirts with lace and summer airy dresses.

RabbittRabbit woman is not unambiguous this season. Sometimes she is a hard-footed, energetic girl who wears simple, non-committing fashions, sometimes a sensitive, delicate woman who likes to put on a transparent wavy dress and wrap herself in a soft knitwear.