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Introducing a new collection for Autumn/Winter 2017 – Roots.

Remembering your roots is essential to avoid losing your identity. That is why in our new collection we have given a modern and feminine touch, to things that have made us who we are today.

The collection was inspired by the rose flower. Delicate, beautiful and mysterious, like each one of us. It will appear in many designs, as a fabric pattern, beautiful embroidery on a girly blouse or hidden in a subtle detail as a slider puller. On the other hand, each rose has spikes, and so do our designs, warning that we’re not afraid to reveal our rebellious side.

Our girly, retro style this season will be more modern and nonchalant. It will delight you with beautiful colors of intense fuchsia, energizing pink, deep black and delicate gray. As usual we focus on perfect tailoring and high quality fabrics, such as silk, wool or merino wool. The RabbitRabbit woman is not only feminine, but also adventurous. She is not afraid to experiment and have fun with matching different styles, patterns and textures. That is what the Roots collection is – beautiful, courageous and surprising.blockquote