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About RabbitRabbit!


RabbitRabbit! is a polish fashion brand established in 2014.

When we create our collections the major inspiration forming unique character and theme are fabrics, their texture, color, how they work together and how interesting it can be assemble to each other.

RabbitRabbit! is a design with focus on aesthetic details and makes your smile. Our inspiration comes from the world of fairytales, where the impossible becomes possible. The cut is feminine, fun, quirky and creative but still respecting the simple look.

Our main mission at RabbitRabbit! is to make fashion fun. We are aware of the current trends, but in our opinion clothes should emphasize the woman’s individuality, give her a unique style and make her stand out. With the combination of graphic details and energetic colors RabbitRabbit! combines the trends from the catwalk with functionality and good quality that enchants the daily life.

We offer our clients interesting variations on existing trends that emphasize their individuality, beauty and inner magic.

The name RabbitRabbit!

The Rabbit is curious and bright but also a delicate and innocent creature. Repeating the word makes it humorous and filled with energy. There is an old saying, that if you yell “rabbit rabbit rabbit”, when you wake up the first day of the month, it will bring you luck. It is a name filled with joy and positivity, it symbolizes the continuous renewal of life, lack of principle, intuition and flair.


Whenever we deal with materials, we do not compromise and use only the best. It is extremely important to us that our products are made properly and in a responsible manner. This is also why we chose to have our collection produced in a small local sewing room placed in the center of Krakow. The talented seamstresses help us getting our collection made each season.

All that we want is to put big smile on your face!