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A black hose is leaking water from under my car after

You see a puddle of water under your car, if the water is clear, it’s coming from your A/C, from the condensed air moisture, don’t worry about it. If you see the water has a trace of Anti-Freeze, green or orange color, that is a leak from your cooling system, you have to crawl under the car looking up the bottom of the radiator to find where the leakage comes from.

Dripping water under engine from hose? | Honda CR-Z Hybrid

23/11/2011· Once in a while i will have this water dripping outta this hose under the engine, its clipped to the side of the underneath. i called honda and they were not sure who i talked to, they said it was most likely a Drain hose for AC, but since i have not used ac since its cold here, been using defrost he said could be from that also..

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Where is the A/C drain loed under the car? | Dodge

18/6/2012· There was a time on these cars that the builder''s specifically put the drain hose in a spot where the water would drain on a critical part of the chassis and over time, the frame would rot in this one spot and the car would be unsafe.

Video showing VE AC drain tube loion? | Just Commodores

9/7/2020· The drain hose also goes into a hole that can be seen next it, but it isn''t a clear downward point so I repositioned our into the drain instead. (The big rubber circle) If this area leaks, you will get a wet carpet in the passenger foot well.

Ba falcon, leaking water under dash into the car??? - www

Joined: 29th Aug 2006. Gallery: 19 images. Ride: XE Ghia 302, AU SR Wagon. Loion: adelaide. SA, Australia. As the title says, I have a 2003 BA XT, in the last few days I have noticed the passenger front floor is all wet, water coming from under the dash. I have checked behind the glovebox, it seems like it is coming from the fan blower motor

A/C Evap Drain loion? | Focus Fanatics Forum

7/7/2020· Bit of an update. I found the drain exit under the car, and it is draining fine. I also did a lot of reading about this issue, and my problem may have been coming from my use of the Recirculate button. I have always turned on recirculate, I just keep in on al the time.

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How to Stop Condensation Under the Car Mat | It Still Runs

The moisture under your carpet has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is almost undoubtedly the air-conditioning system. Normally, condensation in your AC system exits through a small drain tube in the bottom of the vehicle, but over time that drain tube can get clogged and cause water to backflow into your car interior.

Where does AC drain? | Nissan Pathfinder Forum

19/8/2020· Ive got a 2014 parthfinder and have the same problem. I looked under the car and could not find a drain hose. Pulled the rh foot trim piece off. The inside piece closest to the middle and found the drain hose . Squirted water down the tube and it …

Passenger side front and rear carpet all soaked | Kia

21/10/2014· 2,080 Posts. #2 · Sep 9, 2013. kidfam said: For the past two weeks my car was smelling musty and mildew like and yesterday I say the front and rear passenger car mats and carpet are totally soaked. I used a towel to get up the excess water and left doors open in the sun to dry it out but don''t know where the water came or is coming in from.

Water leak, clogged drains (Long, with photos) | Subaru

11/8/2012· The drain hose was clogged so the rain water was unable to evacuate through the bottom of the car. The hose eventually filled until it overflowed at the top, running down that corner pillar trim piece and eventually seeping down into the other trim panels and floor pieces.

pipe dripping water under car. | Independent Renault Forums

11/7/2014· pipe dripping water under car. Tags car dripping pipe water. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. K. KerrieC · Registered. Joined Jul 10, 2014 · 1 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 10, 2014. Hi i have just bought a 2014 megane 1.5 dci.

How to unclog your car AC drain line -

28/10/2015· If you hear sloshing water sounds from behind your car''s dashboard, chances are your AC drain line/pipe is clogged with debris. The sloshing noise may be es

The Reasons For Car Leaking Water On Passenger Side

21/3/2019· My Car Is Leaking Water Into The Passenger Side Floor When It Rains. Why does rainwater leak inside to the passenger side? Well, there could be several reasons. Clogged sunroof drains or loose drain hose. If your car has a sunroof, check its drainage system for these oddities. The problems will make water leak into the car instead of trickling outside.

Wet carpet under all floormats | Toyota Nation Forum

21/12/2015· Well, I managed to connect my shop vac to the drain hose under the car hoping to clear whatever was clogging the hose. I could hear the vacuum air noise inside the car coming from behind the dash somewhere in the vicinity forward of the center console. I didn''t see any evidence of residual water or debris so I am at a loss.

AC/Heater - air con drain loion pic? | 2006+ Honda

1/6/2019· Started looking for the ac drain exit under the car. Here it is: The tube runs inside the car and is attached under the condenser. (green arrow points to the ac draintube and red arrow points to the pollenfilter) The drain doesn''t seems to be blocked. I put some air through the drain with a compressor. Hope this helps.

(''14-''18) - 2014 - Water in front passenger footwell

11/7/2020· 951 Posts. #7 · Dec 22, 2014. seen this alot, check the ac drain under the car on the right hand side by the control arm/axle area. look for a rubber hose coming out from the floor pan. Take a air nozzle and blow air up this hose, if water comes pouring out you found the problem.

How to Clean your AC drain if water is spilling into your car

7/7/2010· How To: Properly drain a fresh water holding tank on an RV How To: Clean or replace a worn air flow sensor in your car How To: Fix a plugged up air conditioner drain hose on a Jeep Liberty How To: Clean vinyl car interior How To: Flush the coolant in a Kawasaki KLR650

water leak issue (passenger floor) | Scion XB Forum

18/8/2017· The black hose runs from the A/C housing condensation collector box (my term) down through the firewall and under the car to drain down-> causing the pure-water (no oil or coolant) "pee spot" on the back-side of the engine bay in the summer/when the A/C has been running. Edit: And some reading this don''t realize cars "pee" . . .

A/C drain tube keeps getting clogged | Toyota Nation Forum

13/9/2007· The evaporator causes water vapor to condense on its outside. This water runs down to a pan to collect. The pan has a drain pipe that runs out the bottom of the car. The pipe can become plugged. You will need to get under the car to …

10 SRX water leak under the glovebox - 2010+ Cadillac XT4

31/10/2014· I had a water leak under the glove compartment of my 2010 SRX took it to dealer and they told me that it was caused by the sunroof drain tube being clogged (62,000 miles). They told me that they had to unclug the drain hose, remove carpet and dry out car which would cost me $900 dollars.

AC Water Leaks Inside Car – How to Fix

It’s only when the water drips on the inside of the car there’s an issue. Varying amounts of water dripping (condensation) under the car is to be expected, depending on the level of humidity in the air. The higher the humidity, the higher the volume of water can be seen dripping under the car from the evaporator drain tube.

Tech Tip: Subaru is Leaking Water from A/C Evaporator

19/7/2011· Repair Procedure. Evaporator drain hose inspection: 1. Check to make sure the hose is not folded or kinked. 2. Check to make sure the hose is not pinched by the ECM bracket (loed on the front passenger-side foot area). 3. Check to make sure there are no dry leaves, ­insects, spider webs, etc. in the hose. 4.

Loing the evaporator drain | Drive Accord Honda Forums

13/12/2011· Per the instructions, you are to insert the clear plastic hose into the evaporator coil drain hose under the car. While I did this, it wasn''t easy, taking a few minutes to work the plastic Klima cleaner hose up into the evaporator area. The evaporator drain pathway seemed to be blocked along the way with some semi-hard material I had to work

What Are Common Causes of Water Leaking from Under a Car

19/3/2020· A/C Leaking Water Inside Car In addition to causing exterior leaks, sometimes you will find that your car is leaking water inside because of the air conditioning. This may happen if the drain tubes in the air conditioning system get blocked. In that case, the condensation will just pool within your A/C box.

AC drain hose | Honda Element Owners Club

3/8/2008· Loing AC Drain Hose Follow-Up I am happy to report that after a second after work attemt to loe the AC drian hose last night I found it roughly in the middle of the car under the fire wall protruding about one inch out hortizontally just above a silver plate where the bottom of the car clears the ground.

Condensation Water from Air Conditioner | BMW CCA Forum

13/8/2008· Even after a 15 mile drive home on the interstate, there''s no water dripping on my garage floor after I pull in and park. My other car drains water profusely when the A/C has been running for a bit. Would be hard to believe the drain hose(s) are clogged when the car only has 3K miles on it. Just curious. Thanks.

Clearing the A/C Condensation Drains for Jaguars

The drain pan has two rubber hoses connected to it, and the water drains through these hoses to the underside of the car. Take a thin flexible wire and run it up through the hoses from the bottom of the car (you''ll need to be under the car) and this will clear the drain obstructions. Caution: if you''ve been hearing the water slosh around, then

Water Leaking Into a Car - AxleAddict

15/7/2013· I have a 2010 Soul with a lot of water dripping on my feet while running the AC. Here''s a look at the AC Drain Tube (the black hose with the white stripe) as it comes out of the condenser - from inside the car, passenger side, under the dash. Note the water beaded up on the outside of the condenser.

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